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this is a blog written by a girl named katelin. her blog link is: http://katelinboykin.tumblr.com/post/730873601/in-march-1993-photographer-kevin-carter-made-a

i'm reposting it word for word because i find it very touching

"In March 1993, photographer Kevin Carter made a trip to southern Sudan, where he took now iconic photo of a vulture preying upon an emaciated Sudanese toddler near the village of Ayod. Carter said he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter snapped the haunting photograph and chased the vulture away. (The parents of the girl were busy taking food from the same UN plane Carter took to Ayod).

The photograph was sold to The New York Times where it appeared for the first time on March 26, 1993 as ‘metaphor for Africa’s despair’. Practically overnight hundreds of people contacted the newspaper to ask whether the child had survived, leading the newspaper to run an unusual special editor’s note saying the girl had enough strength to walk away from the vulture, but that her ultimate fate was unknown. Carter came under criticism for not helping the girl. ”The man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene,” read one editorial.

Carter eventually won the Pulitzer Prize for this photo, but he couldn’t enjoy it. Consumed with the violence he’d witnessed, and haunted by the questions as to the little girl’s fate, he committed suicide three months later."


The Population Control Agenda

LINK: http://www.radioliberty.com/pca.htm

there's an essay that was written by Stanley K. Monteith, M.D. about how our government is desperately trying to reduce the number of inhabitants on the globe, and the disgusting tactics that are being used. its very interesting to read and of course brings up some scary points. if u can get past the plugs for his audio books then i recommend that everyone read this. i think its important for everybody to form their own ideas on the topic. i think his ideas are lucid and have some validity. but nonetheless i'm currently looking into his resources to be sure he's not telling half truths.i'm starting with his first subsection, which is about the founder of planned parenthood, margaret sanger. i just bought her book, The Pivot of Civilization... and i also bought the book: Killer Angel, by George Grant, who is a man who is very much against what she stands for... i'm hoping to get a thorough perception in order to form a solid perspective.anyway... here are a few notes on each of his subsections... i'll keep it short, because i want you to read what he actually wrote...
if what's written in this blog is the least bit interesting to u then again i suggest u go to the link that i've provided and read Dr. Monteith's essay... and if you find yourself even more intrigued, then please check into his sources =)

Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood
Basically its saying that margaret sanger was a racist nazi supporter who wanted to purify the "american race" by putting up birth control centers in the inner city... i.e. planned parenthood.

More New-Age InfluenceThis section talks briefly about the georgia guidestones, and how new age thinkers feel about the population explosion

The Infamous Tuskegee Study* excerpt taken directly from The Population Control Agenda"
"In recent history, we have seen the influence of occultic population control advocates
here in America. Nowhere is that influence better demonstrated than in the Tuskegee Study, a scientific research program in which 400 syphilis-infected black men were recruited by the U.S. Public Health Service back in 1932. The participants were all told that they would be treated for their infections, but instead of treating their illness, all medicines were withheld. The black men were then actively prevented from obtaining treatment elsewhere as their bodies, and the bodies of their wives and children, were systematically ravaged by disease.
The evil men who conceived that Nazi-style study justified their atrocity by alleging that scientists needed to learn how untreated syphilis progressed in the human body. For a period of forty years, between 1932 and 1972, the genocidal Tuskegee Study continued. It was not until 1972, when one newspaper finally had the courage to break the story to the public, that the Tuskegee Study was finally terminated. By that time, only 125 of the original 400 black men had survived."

This part of Dr. Monteith's report also speaks of DDT and how it prevented over 500 million deaths in a little over 20 years... it was a known cure for malaria. no bueno for population-control advocates!

The Relationship Between Abortion, Breast Carcinoma, and Population Controldid you kno that there is direct corrilation between 1st trimester abortion and breast cancer? apparently its something that is kept secret... we eliminate the birth of children and speed up the deaths of women... killing two birds with one stone. "That is why a minor child can be taken from school to an abortion clinic without parental notification, yet that same child cannot be given an aspirin without parental consent. It all has to do with population control."

Population Control in Russia Today* excerpt taken directly from The Population Control Agenda
"Another dramatic example of population control is the tragedy being played out in the "former" Soviet Union today in regard to male longevity. In Russia, the life span of the average Russian male has dropped precipitously over the past several decades. The average life expectancy of an American male is 74-78 years of age, and in Japan the average life span is 78 years, but the average life span of Russian men has fallen from 68 years in the 1970s to 63.8 years in 1985, to 57.7 years in 1994. It is estimated that, if current trends continue, the average life span of a Russian male will be 53 years shortly after the turn of the century. Do you really believe that this shocking reduction in life span is happening simply by "accident"? "

The Massacres in Africathere's so much senseless killing happening in africa. Dr. Monteith speaks of mainly hutu mass murders and AIDS.
plz check it out for yourself

Here's the link again: http://www.radioliberty.com/pca.htm

question everything!!

*i'm posting this blog as kind of a disclaimer to my future blogs... i'm going to try to post information on this blogsite to open people's eyes. not everything i post will be what i believe because i don't believe anything until i've done my own personal research... i just hope that the things i write about will inspire others become unstuck in old ways, and realize that there's much more that goes on in our world besides whats shown on the nightly news or "keeping up with the kardashians."

in my exploration of our zeitgeist, i've discovered a lot of books, ideas, essays, blogs, etc written that reveal different aspects of how we, as americans, are actually living our lives in complete ignorance and darkness. we are all spooning under this blanketed false sense of security and we're quite content with it. we've said "f*ck the devil" and just handed our souls right over to our very own government.

we smile our plastic smiles... drive cars spewing poisons into our air... wear diamonds that have been washed in other people's blood... force our children to do homework that is laced with lies... feed our families pesticides, toxins, steroids, fat, glucose, fatty acids... and then relax the rest of the evening with a healthy dose of reality television...

we're living the government's idea of the american dream... we've become so distracted and numb to what's really important... we're officially a dumbed down nation of androids...

"i believe, therefore, that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage." - william cooper

what mr. cooper says is true... we are nothing, if not disposable pawns, in this grand scheme.

the saying "ignorance is bliss," is a lie. ignorance is actually just convenient and eventually deadly... its certain death to our spirituality, mentality, emotions, and in the end, our physical selves.

all that being said... i think its important that in everyone's personal quests to find truths under these mountains of lies, that everything read and/or heard is not always taken at face value... question everything! doesn't matter if u agree or disagree with what you're reading or listening to... question everything! because if you don't, then be certain that somebody is brainwashing u.