question everything!!

*i'm posting this blog as kind of a disclaimer to my future blogs... i'm going to try to post information on this blogsite to open people's eyes. not everything i post will be what i believe because i don't believe anything until i've done my own personal research... i just hope that the things i write about will inspire others become unstuck in old ways, and realize that there's much more that goes on in our world besides whats shown on the nightly news or "keeping up with the kardashians."

in my exploration of our zeitgeist, i've discovered a lot of books, ideas, essays, blogs, etc written that reveal different aspects of how we, as americans, are actually living our lives in complete ignorance and darkness. we are all spooning under this blanketed false sense of security and we're quite content with it. we've said "f*ck the devil" and just handed our souls right over to our very own government.

we smile our plastic smiles... drive cars spewing poisons into our air... wear diamonds that have been washed in other people's blood... force our children to do homework that is laced with lies... feed our families pesticides, toxins, steroids, fat, glucose, fatty acids... and then relax the rest of the evening with a healthy dose of reality television...

we're living the government's idea of the american dream... we've become so distracted and numb to what's really important... we're officially a dumbed down nation of androids...

"i believe, therefore, that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage." - william cooper

what mr. cooper says is true... we are nothing, if not disposable pawns, in this grand scheme.

the saying "ignorance is bliss," is a lie. ignorance is actually just convenient and eventually deadly... its certain death to our spirituality, mentality, emotions, and in the end, our physical selves.

all that being said... i think its important that in everyone's personal quests to find truths under these mountains of lies, that everything read and/or heard is not always taken at face value... question everything! doesn't matter if u agree or disagree with what you're reading or listening to... question everything! because if you don't, then be certain that somebody is brainwashing u.


  1. In the grand game of chess. Every piece on the board save for the king can and will be sacrificed. Even the mighty queen.

    When it comes to the great U.S.of A. I am sad to inform all of the readers that the President is definately not the "KING".

    If you don't believe me allow me to refer you to Kennedy

  2. Interesting. I've heard from another source about the planned parenthood planted themselves in concentrated areas where poc lives. I agree with questing everything. People don't want to question already established education systems. They are fools.Getting to the truth should be more important than what a trashy tabloid magazine getting inside scoop about a celeberity's personal life. Our world is a cup running over on ego.
    It's to unveil the myth and lies. Nice to read your blog roxy.

  3. thanx for your responses!

    it is sad that people just accept the reality that's given to them... it would be hard to change the establishment because the average person is a creature of habit... but maybe we can touch young folks in some kind of way... create an urgency that gets things changed for the better.

    and, yeah, i agree about the president... the country isn't run by politicians, but by businessmen... families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers own the world... they created currency and credit, for god's sake, lol... they know very well how to keep us where they want us. unfortunately obama can't change this beast

    anyway... again, thank u guys for checkin this!!!


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