end of the world blah blah blah

so there's lots of speculation, rumors, fears, lies, internet viral vids and hollywood blockbusters all dedicated to the theme of the end of our precious world. i have coworkers, barely there friends, and even intelligent loved ones who have all subscribed to this idea that in some way, shape or form earth is gonna rid its self of all living creatures and... i dunno... i guess start over. and what's ironic is that our society is generally pretty one track minded, but most of these conclusions are reached by illustrious cocktails of science, movies, theory, numerous religious ideas, etc.

what do i think? i think this is a bunch of el toro poop... not very mature, i know... but lets talk about this topic for a sec... maybe i'm wrong... but then maybe i'm not... here are some of what i believe are myths:

myth 1:
the Mayan calendar says the world is gonna end on dec 12, 2012...
** no not true. an article written by associate press writer, mark stevenson, in october of last year, goes on to explain that the idea of armageddon or doomsday comes from western beliefs... not mayan. sure they carved in a tablet (Monument Six) found in southern Mexico that something will happen around that date... but what is said on Monument Six is different than what's being propagandized:

"Its long count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and the 13th Baktun ends around Dec.21.2012.

'It's a special anniversary of creation,' said David Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin. 'The Maya never said the world is going to end, they never said anything bad would happen necessarily, they're just recording this future anniversary on Monument Six."

i think that if anything, the Mayans are referring to a radical shift in our culture as we know it... could be political, environmental, social, educational.... we could have some awesome collective epiphany or maybe it will mark the beginning of this "Post-American" idea that i actually fully believe is possible... you know... the america that has lost its power and prestige.

anyway, its a really good article called, 2012 isn't the end of the world, Mayans insist... it can be found on lots of websites... here's one: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2009-10/11/content_8777400.htm

myth 2: Earth will go into retrograde on 12.21.2012
** dunno if its true... but "retrograde" isn't a threat. when a planet goes into retrograde, its the type of thing that anybody or thing on that particular planet is completely unaware of. a planet in retrograde can only be seen from outside of its atmosphere. retrograde is when planet A passes planet B and creates the illusion that planet B is moving backwards... its like if theres a train moving on the track and another train, moving at a faster speed, begins to pass that first train... if you're on the second train and looking out of the window, it might look like the first train is moving backwards, when its actually just moving at a slower pace and the passangers on it are totally unaffected... ummm, hope that wasn't confusing... much easier to explain in person.

myth 3: the movie 2012 is a prediction of what's to come
** okay, i shouldn't even have to go into this one... ITS A MOVIE PEOPLE!!! i'd like to think that we're not so stupid of a society that we'll believe what some money hungry producers all the way up on the industry food chain try to tell us... well actually, i know we're so stupid, because i've heard plenty of people start to believe in this 2012 Armageddon idea due to this movie... how come we didn't all believe what we saw in V For Vendetta? we didn't watch for big brother after reading 1984 or hide all of our books after reading Fahrenheit 451? and what about 2001: a Space Odyssey... or its sequel, 2010: Odyssey Two? Armageddon? we took no notes when exposed to Animal Farm... so why did we pick 2012 to believe?

myth 4?: planet X is gonna make its way into our orbit and earth will be caught in the middle of the planet X vs the sun fire war...
*** after watching the 5 part youtube mini doc about planet X, i gotta say... i don't believe it at all. not based off of what i've seen anyway. i still have my own research to do on this topic, but i'm not at all moved by what i've heard and seen so far. the youtube video offers no solid proof of what they're trying to convence people of. they use science to discuss the alleged planet.... then they quote the bible to speculate proof from the past... then they say that the people the government wants to survive will be housed underground... but then go on to say that the government will be declaring martial law and rove the streets, above ground, with tanks... but somehow people will be able to drive away until the streets are destroyed... or people can retreat to the mountains and live off the land for survival, even though this information was preceded with the information that the planet will be destroyed by flames from the sun war... eh... i dunno... i'm agnostic to this idea... if there is any kind of proof i might change my mind


Of course when i declare something like this... people always wanna know where it stems from. if its not true then why is the whole world so invested in it? well anyone who knows me knows that i am a firm believer that governments are full of ulterior motives unbeknownst to us as civilians, targets, prey... whatever you wanna call it. but to be honest i don't know why. maybe its fun for the people who control this planet to watch us squirm... maybe fear is a great way to keep a society in check... maybe its so we'll throw caution to the wind, and spend tons of money! hey, we'll all gonna die in a little over a year, so why not buy that car you can't afford, and the jewelry that will sparkle with your shitty personality...

its funny how we're willing to believe that the world will end through natural disasters, but what if i said that on December 21, 2012, our constitution will be burned and an entirely new government will be put in place? what if on that date martial law will be declared, and tanks start ripping and running the streets because the government wants to declare war on us and not because of planetary induced havoc? or what if something amazingly fantastic happens on that date? what if our deficit magically gets paid off? what if everyone collectively switches to solar power? anything can happen! but we're so not open to it

i dunno... but STOP being sheep!! STOP being robots going through the motions!! maybe you don't agree with what i'm saying but just don't allow yourself to be cornfed and brainwashed...


  1. Thanks for the de-myth-ification! There are lots of examples of apocalyptic obsession throughout history-the world has ended many times- but you would think folks would be more skeptical (or optimistic) given our very recent non-eventful brush with catastrophe: anybody remember Y2K? Nice piece.

  2. i have been preaching the same thing since this whole 2012 bullshyt started. everyone needs to chill out because the more to people believe it, the more depressed people will get. By the way....Dec. 21, 2012 i my birthday!

  3. i'm pretty stoked that you guys agree with me, lol... i was dreading a debate (not saying that still won't happen).

    just been feeling like this a while and i think its so sad and weak of people to just believe whatever is handed to them.

    so glad you took the time to read and comment ;)

    and, kalah, we're partying for your birthday! lol

  4. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I've known this most of my life and am doing a concept album called Surraeon, based on a sci-fi story that's about this very thing. Sorry for the shameless plug,:p but it is very relevant.

    But this apocalypse obsession also comes from the older generation when they had to worry about the nuclear bombs wiping out the planet. And of course religion solidified these fears.

    We need more dialog about this, it's time to open a new window of reality!

    -Amanda Ray

  5. I like the idea of Cristo comin' back like straight Conan.

    There will be blood- oh yeah.

    R O C K 'tiL we drop.

    Mathieu Blake
    de Lotus Blake

  6. Girl, I'm glad you spoke the truth. I believe that 2012 is a year where shift in conscious thought will occur. Change happens all the time. The Mayans were heavily in numerology.The numbers do mean something.
    However, I don't know were people got the ideal and misconception of the end of the world thought from. If folks spent more time conjuring up fear and bs as they would in creating love and compassion, the world would be a better place. -Lunakiss from Afropunk.

  7. yeah i think religion plays a big part in this end of days mentality... or maybe the government knows what's up and is clouding our heads with these thoughts in fear of a possible conscious paradigm shift... its obvious to me that our country has been flooded with distractions... this could just be another one... this way we're too preoccupied to notice population control, fabricated terrorist threats, decline in education and incline of reality tv nonsense...

    lunakiss, i agree... i think sometimes about how plentiful our world would be if we manifested love and actually did nice things out of the goodness of our hearts instead of for political agendas... if we raised our children with honest history and tolerance than with impatience and video games...

    i really love everyone's thoughts on this! i'm so happy its been well received =)

  8. would it be so bad in the grand scheme of things if the earth purged itself of persona non grata (literally)? dunno

  9. i live everyday as if tomorrow is the end of the world. i believe that school of thought is called "recklessness." LoLoL. great blog, Roxy

    -Nikki Lynette

  10. Ahhhh another blog Rox...I think if the world does end its going to be from our own hands...people don't stop consuming eventually we'll consume each other...whether its power...money...differences in beliefs or culture. We will dictate our own extinction...look at whats on TV 90% of the time its something negative...nobody likes to watch positive or inspiring shit all the time...people need to be entertained...then they come to a sense that its reality then low and behold...people start getting stupid....what we see now is what the Romans did in Rome...people were upset about there way of life...here comes the entertainment and watch people fight lions and kill each other for them to forget...but now entertainment breeds and dictates people lives...we hurt each other or ourselves...we're lazier...we get depressed easier...we engulf ourselves in drama...we look for outlets for dealing with depression and struggle rather than facing it...its sad.

  11. I personally am waiting the good ol'fashion nuclear apocalypse.

  12. I had no idea about this blog otherwise I would have responded much sooner as I'm sure you know.

    Now onto my comment

    If I am not mistaken the movie 2012 is based on an Astrologica phenominon called "Gallactic Alignment".

    My understanding of this is that our solar system revolves around a black hole in the center of the galaxy. Now instead of traveling trough a straight path our sun travels as a roler coaster would taking all the planets along for the ride. From what i have come to learn it takes roughly 20,000 years for our solar system to center point in suns galactic rotation to the next. Doing something like this...


    the bar marking the center wave

    Now if im not our poles (north and south) shift some # of degrees every year. However the solar system being aligned with the center of the galaxy is thought by some to cause some sort of wacky magnetic or gravitational pull(I'm not sure which). Whichever be the case that pull is supposed to cause an extreme pole shift ("2012") thus causing a shift in the earth's plates and activating many valcano's across the world ending with an extensive weather shift causing some "Day After Tomorrow" type stuff and possibly catapuliting our world into a new ice age.

    The Mayans had a huge fascination with Astonomy and were able to predict celestial events quite acurately evidenced by the the Mayan calender.

    It is the fact that the Mayans were such great astronomers which causes this Myth to carry so much steam.

    I dont quite believe it but I have taken a great interest in it.

  13. As far as what I believe would happen "IF" the world was going to undergo some great planetary event will be something caused by man himself. To add insult to injury I believe it would be intentional.

    Before any of you readers jump on my case...
    Please keep in mind that i used the word IF therefore stating all this is hypothetical.

    Now to forewarn everyone this is on some NWO/Illuminati type stuff so if that sort of thing bothers you then please stop reading right here.

    There are some who believe that the Haiti Earthquake was by no means a Natural Disaster. The belief is that it was caused instead by a H.A.A.R.P. station (google it... HAARP) which is basically a sort of earthquake weapon. Which is a device based on and around the theories of Nikola Tesla.

    I'm sure many of you have heard of our government or the World Government devising some sort of plan to eliminate half of the world's population so that Earth's populace can better be controlled.

    I believe that the NWO/Illuminati would use the hype of the cataclismic doom which surrounds 2012 as cover. Allowing them to use the HAARP without anyone thinking the slightest as to what the true cause of all the destruction truly is. All of the hysteria and confusion would would turn any already naive survivors into mindless drones waiting to accept any babble the "NEW"ly formed World Government would want to give us.

  14. I really like the depth you go into each of these myths///beliefs. I do feel like we have always had this "doomsday" date... but is it really all that bad a thing???
    I mean, people crippled in fear, caging themselves in their houses with years worth of food is HORRIBLE.... But what of the fearless people?? the people that acknowledge "FUCK IT, the world might end soon, i should REALLY LIVE"... Imagine if we all lived in the moment, like everyday was our last...

  15. alright Roxy...

    first I gotta say I am so happy you wrote about this...you blew me away... and so inspired me
    and I don't think anyone needs to debate if anything is state their truth!

    So.. I have Mayan blood in me... just a quarter even though my father was born and raised in Guatemala because the Mayans became so blood thirsty at the end of their civilizations downfall the majority of population had grown so big and forgot some of the great teachings and true beliefs of their four fathers teachings who began their kingdom... They killed to conquer too much just like greed for power happening now. They were also murdered slaughtered and conquered by of course the Spanish conquistadors so what was left of the "Mayans" blood another percentage mixed with who ever conquered those cities and later after world war II more European countries fled to south and central America.... My fathers city was inhabited mostly by Hungary...
    so I am a quarter Mayan as far as I know...
    but I studied their culture and books of ancient knowledge ...and came to a conclusion I try hard to spread...

    First of all... they did predict with their wonderful skills of numerology math the universal language and their interest in the skies and worshiping nature truly spiritual beings... everything was sacred...
    They predicted their own downfall they even stated that gods of other worlds would come and conquer when exactly that is what happened!
    I mean Mayans had and lived in their own world the only world they knew ....they had no knowledge of people in other countries from all over the world ...their world is all they knew so the Conquistadors were exactly that... people from another world to them... Gods to them for all they knew as their gun power was magic!!!
    I explain all this because just like their predictions were correct they were also almost a metaphor for what actually occurred.
    So the calendar ending on dec21 2012 you have totally correct 13 sacred number... but they actually do state that this means a new World just like they once predicted before... The End of an era!

    The new era for us is "the end of the EGO" which I believe after world War II started the Ego for the idea of a new Government and country that would become the "American dream" a country that would become sheep through scarcity and media ...to become a consuming civilization... (whole other subject) but it happened and now ... its the end they say... Dec 21st 2012... That spiritually people will defeat that lie of being alone and are separate and better and have more.... and will remember that we are all a species together at this time as the planet circulates the sun!
    lol... hope that's not too confusing.
    pretty logical to me !

    It doesn't work obviously,
    America rained long enough, George Carlin was banging his head till the end!
    well hopefully for me ... what I want to believe is that people finally take from every civilizations bottom line learned... "Do on to others as you would do to yourself"
    That 2012 Dec21st is a new Era of "Peace and knowledge"
    When the power of love overcomes the love for Power the world will know peace"- jimmy Hendrix

    again we see this quote ...will they ever get it?

    so Im just dreaming I guess... but I'm gonna try to put my mind to it ... and take control of what I want my future to look like and try to make it happen... while I live like i will die!
    and if I die who cares I'm not dead right now! and that is the fear that is hell! so I'm not afraid.

  16. Jakka! really great insight! i can't really comment on the first part of what you wrote because i haven't done any of my own personal research on that topic, but i appreciate you putting that info out there... its something i wanna look into and hopefully other readers as well

    as far as the second comment that you left, i tend to agree with all of it, lol... there's solid concrete proof that our country (and maybe the world) is heading in that direction... i truly believe that the government distracts us at an alarming rate so that we can't see the real picture. humans are as easy to steer as sheep (which is why i almost called this blog "anti-sheep") so weather and population control are things that seem very possible to me... in other words, i don't put anything past our government... or should i say, that small percentage of wealthy folks who really run the show (rockefellers, rothschilds, etc)

    thanx again for your comments... i always love them =)

  17. pyro i totally agree with you... i feel like if people really believed that the world was gonna end then they'd live their lives to the fullest... but they don't which makes me wonder how invested in this idea people really are... i mean if a person was told they have cancer and only 2 months left to live, they would have the time of their lives, right? i dunno maybe not... but then that just makes this whole thing a really sad thing... because even in a time when folks believe that their time is limited they still act like drones and do what they feel is responsible instead of just doing what they feel...

    thank you for taking the time to read =)

  18. Joly!! thank you for your comment! makes me miss the days we worked together and talked forever on topics like this, lol

    its cool to hear from someone who's really done their research on the mayan culture... it feels good to have ideas solidified like this... it will be a new era for us all. and if we keep spreading the truth then its possible to have a new spiritual and enlightened society. unfortunately at the rate our culture is going i'm feeling more and more like its not gonna happen. the government has us down to a science. the book Behold a Pale Horse discusses how the rothschilds broke us down to a science (chemistry to be exact). its gonna be an ugly post america and its coming sooner than later. but i have hope that the more people are educated on what's going on behind the curtain then the harder it will be for the government to destroy everything we've come to know... i have hope for our future. its not an outlandish goal... but we just have to keep our lips flapping... we can never allow silence

    thanx girl... i love you... lets have coffee soon ;)

  19. I am glad you didn't name the blog Anti-Sheep. Although it probably better fits the world in which live. It just doesnt have the same ring to it as Anti-Android.

  20. Roxy (I hope that's your real name)...I came across this and wanted to have a discussion with ya. It's 1:00am and nothing would make me happier than to talk 2012. hahaha...I actually have a great proposition on the matter than I think you should do with me. Ummmmm, anyway, not sure if you wanna give out your email, but if you do, can I email you? Or let me know if I can post mine and you can tag me first. :D

  21. Hope everyone had a great holiday or winter break like me. (don't celebrate holidays)
    It's been a while since my last comment on this and I wish I came back more often. I don't know why more people don't want to talk about this. I think a lot of us have very strong opinions about it and although it's not an easy subject, it must be explored. For most people this is a FEAR and all fears must be dealt with head on!!!
    Our perceptions of the future is really important. If we can't perceive of a brighter future, how can we experience one!!


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