miracles... truth or myth

people who are close to me know that i've been dealing with some pretty serious legal issues for the last two years. i don't know what happened but the best possible outcome has come out of this ordeal. i don't wanna get too much into the details, but the only outcome that could've been better would've been to get the whole case dismissed.

i'm a true blue deist, and until yesterday, i haven't been able to believe in any miracles... i think because everything that happens can be explained away... and also because i don't believe that god micromanages our lives... and even tho i still think he's created the universe, our brains (that we only use 20% of), and our free will for the purpose of us using those things, im beginning to believe that maybe in extreme circumstances he does take a moment to make something miraculous happen...

i should be in prison... but i'm not...

i have a purpose on these streets... i realize that now... hopefully i can live up to that


  1. Wow, prison huh? That's pretty heavy. I know we haven't quite established the relationship for this but I am going to be so bold as to ask you why? If you don't want to answer here then feel to Direct Message me on Twitter or if you don't want to answer I completely understand. I'm glad you dodged that bullet though. Twitter wouldn't have been the same without you.

  2. Hmmmm.....I really feel your pain not too many of us make it out..be blessed...I would go into more detail about my scenario but its been pending for some years...I try to walk the right path but sometimes what you feel is the right path isn't and if your sane enough to understand that and reorganize your life I feel that you and anyone else should get a second chance...prison isn't a system that works, we all know that...people act like they never did nothing wrong always quick to judge...but thats how its always been...glad that your free homey!! Good luck to the long future ahead of you.

  3. i know... it serious out there and staying on the right path is soooo important... i believe that only your heart can tell u when you're on the right path, but a lot of times we don't take the time to listen to it... i hope everything works out for u hun...

    and to JAKKA... i'm not really ready to blog about it... it has something to do with driving under the influence of alcohol... i'll put it all down into a blog one of these days... just dont wanna talk about it now for fear of glorifying a heinous act

  4. While there are many acts which I feel are totally underserving of prison, I do believe that often times a necessary tool of punishment. while im sure certain people like the anonymous blogger would rather everyone who commits a crime get a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to there are people out there that you just cant do those sorts of things with. There are loads of seriel rapist, murderers, and other such people who have no reguards for the law. While I do not think prison is a correct place for anyone to be rehabilitated i think it suites the above mentioned just fine. As sad as it is for me to say, there are some people out there who there is just no getting to. I have never been one who has liked to judge, a murderer is just someone i would rather not be around. So if not prison then what? You tell me a viable alternative and i will be the first person to back you setting that thought into motion.

  5. Appreciate it Roxy...Jakka...I understand where your coming from...and I do believe in stern punishment...but the way our legal system is ran now a days...and the supreme justice with all there unlimited powers...its gotten kind of ridiculous...We have the largest population of inmates compared to any other country...a friend of mines served 5 years for protecting himself and his family. Some guys broke into his house...he shot them. One died...others ran..what do you do in scenarios like those where its you and your family at risk?...He was a good man..he was my mentor ..he helped most of us younger kids stay positive in a place where negativity ran wild..he was one of the head coordinators of the YMCA..and you get manslaughter?....pfffttt... not saying all those cases fits the above scenario....but there are people out there who do change...and prison doesn't help. For the rapists...serial killers...child molesters...I have no sympathy for...but we don't have the right to judge right? Our legal system and media does.

  6. I completely understand your not wanting to get too deep into the details of the incident. I just thought I'd as being that I am so nosey and all.
    I must say though that after reading a few of your blogs my opinion of you has totally changed. I used to think there wasnt much more to you than just a pretty face and a zany personality. I am happy to type though that i was so off the mark with you. You seem to be a very deep thinker and extremely articulate. Discovering these different aspects of you has been quite refreshing.
    I hope i didn't offend you with the whole just a pretty face thing but to honest I didn't really get to see too much of you on ROL2 unfortunately and you just dont show this side of yourself on twitter.
    Now going back to what you said earlier when you made the comment in your blog about you realizing you have a purpose on these streets. I must say that I am in full agreement with you. You can make a big difference in this world wit your wisdom and your ability to see things from a different perspective.
    Should you somehow never get another subscriber.
    You will always have a loyal reader in me.
    Though I'm sure you will not suffer from that fate.

  7. I am one who firmly believes that justice is in no way blind. Very similar to our dearest Roxy's earlier blog concerning insurance, PRISON is big business. With that being said that have a lot of people in jail for some very petty things. Those people I'm sure there is a perfectly suitable alternative to sticking them in a cage for X amount of years. All the other ones that i mentioned earlier though, I can't say the same for them. Though allowing them the option to join the military while beign kept under strict supervision could possibly work. Maybe

  8. Well we can come to an agreement something that han't been done in the white house in decades...lol...but this blog is about miracles...sorry for running rampant about our legal system homey!!...listen to your heart...I'm sure we all will do the best we can for others and ourselves...ya'll be easy!

  9. this is exactly y i wanted to start a blog... i want people to talk... opinions shared... its supposed to be a community of free thinkers... so thank u guys!

    as far as prison, it is big business... there are a lot of non violent offenders spending years behind bars, mostly for drug charges. the government makes big bucks off of drugs and in order for the government to not get caught w their pants down they try to keep the focus on the kids from the streets so those become the ones getting sent away... its a revolving door of profit

    my parents feel the same as u guys do... but i was telling them that when u break laws that already have prison as the consequence, then u just got suck it up and go with it... i'm glad i was able to avoid it, because in this case i'm gonna be a much more affective citizen on the streets... the best bet is to just stay outta trouble... we're all more affective when we're legal-problem free

  10. Well said Roxy, there are a lot of people who make a lot of money from having a large sum of people in prinson.
    A large percentage of our tax money goes towards the running of the prisons. I'm certain that it is well more than is needed and there are a great many people with some really fat wallets out there.

  11. Capitalism it has its positives and negatives...reason why healthcare...banks..smaller businesses and other factors of our economy is shitty now...

  12. In my opinion prison does not rehabilitate criminals, if it did we wouldn't have so many repeat offenders.
    They would like us to believe that these jailed criminals are rehabilitated and that its possible for them to get a second chance. In fact most inmates end up becoming institutionalized and come out worse then they went in. They are put back into society made to believe they can start over but in fact its is Very hard for a felon to start over and with the realization of this they end up going back to the crimes that put them in prison.

    I also think that We should not be treating non violent criminals the same as violent ones. I think one of the main reason our jails are so filled is because of some of our drug laws. To have a drug user in jail as long as say a rapist or a murder is crazy. Drug addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. I'm not saying they should not get any type of punishment but to put them among violent criminals is just not the answer.

    As far as miracles are concerned I definitely believe in them. My nephew was born premature and on his first day on this earth had a seizure. All of his doctor's said he would not make it or if he did make it he would be a vegetable. We all ignored the doctor's and kept our faith and my lil nephew is doing everything the doctors told us he would not be able to do. Do I believe God has his hand in our lives? I sure do. His is our miracle baby! There has been several times in my life where I should not have made it the way I did but, some how things always worked out. I do believe that my faith in that God never puts us where he cant keep us has a lot to do with the fact that im still here.

  13. I feel that our hearts for the most part are wicked and your heart does not always lead you in the right path. Heart is what makes mother's choose men over there children. Heart is what makes a mother keep a child from their father cause he does not want to be with her. Heart is sometimes what makes a person who is abused stay. So do I think its always best to let your heart lead you absolutely not!


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