Akon - rap star and ignorant bastard

"i don't even believe in conflict diamonds. that's just a movie. think about it. ain't nobody thought about nothing about no conflict diamonds until the movie came out. where was all that shit before the movie? that's the problem with people - they believe everything they read or see on TV. unless you go to sierra leone and see what's going down, don't believe everything you're reading or see on TV. trust me. if anything, there's conflict oil. worry about the oil - you see what the oil is doing to people. you see what bush is doing over there... oil is conflict. when you're driving your cars, you're driving conflict fuel. it's killing thousands of people a minute. diamonds are the least of our worries."

-Akon, rap star and proud owner of a diamond mine in South Africa

okay... i've never liked akon's music, and now i think he's a disgusting person... who the hell is he to discount the lives taken and altered in sierra leone as a result of the diamond trade? i'm sure the money hungry prick couldn't look in an armless baby's face and say "sorry kid... but you're the least of our worries." F*uck him and the high horse he rode in on.

comparing the destruction of the oil industry to the destruction of the diamond industry is like trying to compare the holocaust to slavery... they were both f*cking evil! they both caused needless deaths of way too many innocent ppl. i don't think its fair to say one is something we should be concerned with and the other is chopped liver.

the civil war in sierra leone took over 100,000 lives and left more that 200,000 of its citizens as amputees, and even after 10yrs the majority of workers still only work for about a dollar a day or less... but lets just ignore all of that, right akon?

i think the funniest part of his quote is that it sounds like he's really upset about how greedy bush was when it came to oil... actually i'd respect the argument slightly if akon didn't drive a flippin' lambo!! not to mention i'm sure his oil argument stems from something he saw on tv... somehow i don't picture him actually researching anything of real substance...

anyway... this isn't a blog about blood diamonds... this is just a glance and some of the ignorance of people... the people that we let our children look up to... shoot me if i have a child so enamored with excess that he stops caring about the welfare of others

i should take a trip to sierra leone and send akon the proof of "what's really going down"


  1. Akon....smh...lol...I wouldn't say he's ignorant the man is a business man...I would say he's heartless...people say money makes you stupid but I say it makes you evil...if you let it run your life...I think thats his problem and a lot of others now in Corporate America thats why everything is so fucked up right now...but what he's saying is pretty contradictory...thats like a rapist telling people "Hey at least I'm not child molesting, worry about them"...dudes a douche...fuck em..karma will come to these people eventually...until then we continue our mission to save lives....nice piece though Rox.

  2. you're right about the ignorant part... he is fully aware of how dumb what he's saying is...

    thank u for commenting =) its always nice getting your opinions

  3. As I enjoy yours, thats why I can blog here :)

  4. You are completely right about oil. I am quite certain that they could easily find an alternate source of energy. However they would much rather use oil because it's quantity is finite therefore it's value is far greater than an alternative renewable source of energy? They can spend a million dollars on a fighter jet but they won't spend a third of that on equipping buildings with solar panels? I don't understand that logic

  5. yeah well its all a money game... both conflict diamonds and the oil industry fund terrorism and war...

  6. Jakka...its pretty simple, greed...the lobbyist for these oil companies are NOT gonna give up no ground for this green energy campaign unless they are in the forefront and can make profit thats why BP, Texaco, and all these other oil companies are investing in green energy fuels and sources of power...and thats why gas prices are so high...we're still buying oil by the barrel at the rate when gas was 1.50 a gallon...now there excuse is what it takes to "process the oil"..its bullshit...but all in all...the lobbyist fund a lot of things and like Roxy said the oil also funds terrorism...war...and the U.S. economy. We had our chance to free ourselves from oil in the 80's...but Government officials think about whats popular...whats popular to those top 15% bracket...and whats profitable....now we got a shit mess.

  7. um... i haven't gotten past the title cuz i'm laughing too hard... so i'll read and try to comment in a bit...


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