area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

sooo, my disclaimer to this blog is that i'm a big dork and listen to NPR way too much... that being said, i was listening to the show, Fresh Air, a few weeks ago and totally eavesdropped on Terry Gross interviewing journalist and contributing editor at the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Annie Jacobsen. Jacobsen was on air promoting her latest book called Area 51... a book full of stories gathered from interviews of different people, 32 of which who actually worked and lived in the top secret land parcel.

according to Jacobsen, Area 51 has been kept tightly guarded for all these years, not because it was housing aliens and ufo's... but because it was being used for nuclear and weapon testing by the CIA, the atomic energy commission and the department of defense

"[these agencies] once used the site to conduct controversial and secretive research on aircraft and pilot-related projects, including planes that traveled three times faster than the speed of sound and nuclear-propelled, space-based missile launch systems"

so ACCORDING TO JACOBSEN'S SORCES the government did set off tons of nuclear bombs in area 51, and attempted to send nuclear missiles from outer space right to the soviet... and i'm sure there's many more juicy deets in the book, but i haven't read it yet, so i can't get into too much.  i do trust that who ever is reading this blog will go on to read the book (and the articles denying that there's no truth to the book) and come up w his or her own conclusions....

but before u leave me... there's one more note i'd like to add... the part of the interview i found the most interesting... and this is where jacobsen begins to talk about how area 51 came to fruition... again, everything jacobsen divulged was what was told to her by her unidentified source...

according to this source... this is the real story behind area 51:

in 1947 a UFO crashed in new mexico...  it was a flying disc that conspiracy theorists have always believed was from outer space... however, there's is much more to this story... and aliens don't have too much to do w it.

in 1945, josef mengele left aushewitz... apparently he was cutting his ties w the 3rd reich and met up w joseph stalin in the soviet... both men where known for their interest in human experimentation...  well after they witnessed how frantic the american public became after the airing of orson welles' "world of the worlds"... they thought of a plan to create a soft spot in America's early air-defense warning system by convincing the american people that a UFO had landed... thus creating panic and leaving us vulnerable to attack

jacobsen's source was there first hand when the flying discs were investigated after being transfered to a top secret land parcel in 1951... later to be called Area 51. he was one of only 5 engineers assigned to this project... he says that the "aliens" were actually child-sized human beings that came from the soviet's human experiment program... made to look like the aliens from "war of the worlds"... the source believes the pilots may have been around 13 yrs old, but other people at his camp thought they may have been older... but these people had been made w big heads... big eyes... small mouths... and small bodies... but they were not aliens... and the flying discs that contained the the altered children... and crashed in new mexico in 1947... was actually linked back to two more former members of the 3rd reich who were aerospace designers named walter and reimar horten... according to some declassified file, the two admitted to making the discs and having contact w russia.

why wasn't it revealed to the american people that this wasn't an alien crash? of course it would've have calmed the public... but according to the source, this was a secret never told, because america began doing exactly what stalin and mengele had done... they began experimenting on people and children to create... a counter-alien (for lack of a better word)...

do i believe any of this? it doesn't matter... this was something i found interesting and wanted to pass along... i don't put anything past our government... and many cases of human testing per our government is something that has been proved time and time again...

i dunno... something to about ;)


  1. I tried to respond from my phone and something went wrong. I wil write out my originally intended response as soon as I get home from work

  2. I'm glad your back Rox...and as myself an NPR...I really don't know what to think about anymore especially if the government "tells you" so. Theres probably so much dirt hidden and as far as human experimentation you have many instances such as the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment with the black community and others which probably make that look PG. Iono tho....but I do know they can't be trusted. Welcome Back.

  3. Tuskeegee was the first thing that came to mind too... Also in the 50s the government was steralizing chikdren who were poor, trouble makers etc because they thought if those pattributes were hereditary... Killin part was, that these children didn't kno it was happening... They'd do it when they were hospitalized for something... Like the 13 year old girl who was sterilized after she gave birth to a child

    Anyway, I find all this interesting, but I too dunno what to believe lol
    Sorry if there r misspellings... Responding on my phone and actually can't see what I'm writing

  4. thought you weren't blogging anymore! have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  5. I have always been interested in the lore of Area 51 and found myself clinging to each word, pondering the possibilities. Never again will I naively gaze into the starlit sky and feel that we, the human beings living on the planet earth, are the only beings in the solar system. Every shooting star or out of the ordinary sight makes me wonder..


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